Tuesday, August 14, 2012


The imbalance between our immigration laws and how they are currently at work should be corrected, and we have several options for correcting this.

We have “the system,” that is, everything for which we pay taxes. We have everyone getting something out of the system, and not everyone paying something into it. This is injustice.

There are two general options for fixing this: (1) We can stop those from getting something out of the system who are not paying into it, or (2) we can get everyone paying into the system.

I am in favor of the latter option and am open to a wide range of options for including more people in how we live.

We are a nation of laws, we should be ruled by them, and we have an opportunity before us to make those laws better and more just.

Not long before sunset last weekend, there were a couple families gathered together for a special occasion. One of those families has been in Northern Virginia for 19 years.

I don't speak any Indian, and for some things that doesn't matter. :)

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