Thursday, August 2, 2012

Questions with Tim McGhee

Who is Tim McGhee?

Tim is a small business owner and active citizen in Alexandria. He is committed to building up the next generation and doing what he can to ensure its future. He is an active volunteer at his church in Arlington.

Why is Tim standing for election?

Tim is standing for election to the Virginia House of Delegates to stand for justice and fiscal responsibility in Virginia on behalf of the people of the 45th House District. His priorities are to protect patient care and prevent a data-driven bureaucracy from intruding into the doctor-patient relationship, and to ensure that the Code of Virginia supports families and those that need rebuilding.

Why is this important?

While to many people the principles and debates may sometimes sound as exciting as a class on economics, the life-changing realities of our public policies have a daily impact on the people of the 45th House District of Virginia. Tim believes we must ensure that our policies remain true to our fundamental principles of freedom and justice.

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