Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tim McGhee Announces Candidacy for 45th District House of Delegates Seat

For Immediate Release
August 2, 2012

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA – Tim McGhee issued the following statement today.

“Virginia has weathered the challenges of the recession better than most states, thanks to the leadership of Governor Bob McDonnell and others. Serious fiscal challenges lie ahead at all levels of the government. We must continue to work for justice and fiscal responsibility. That is why I am standing for election to the Virginia House of Delegates: to address these needs in two specific ways.”

Health Care – There is no hyperbole in saying that health care in Virginia, under the Affordable Care Act, is heading for change beyond recognition. While some may find solace in meeting statistical ideological ends, the end result for the patient is clear: reduced quality of care. We must protect the relationships between seniors, men, women and parents, and their doctors. Data-centered care is of more use to the bureaucracy than the people of the 45th District.”

Family Law – The families of the 45th District face many challenges and pressures. The Code of Virginia does not fully support families, and many times can often inadvertently end up working against them. Our many social service workers do a valiant job of providing the best services they can offer under the circumstances. It is no one’s official job to take a step back and make sure the system is doing its best to provide justice for these single-parent and broken homes. As best I can tell, that is the job of elected representation. I met with Delegate Englin about these issues in April of this year. He was very receptive, and it would be an honor to pick up the mantle of standing for the families of Virginia.”

“The Virginia legislature is one of citizens. It is my intent to bring a listening ear, and the value of my experiences and principles to our efforts to uphold the Constitutions of both the Commonwealth of Virginia and the United States of America. It is with great anticipation that I look forward to the conversation and the opportunity.”


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