Monday, January 14, 2019

State Senator Surovell's Legislative Agenda

Summarizing the points from Sen. Surovell's piece in the Fort Hunt Herald, wording his:

the budget — $1 billion excess revenue “to appropriate” (spend)

carrying twenty-five bills, the limit in the Senate

Governor Northam’s coal ash bill — ban leaving ash in place

Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment — one more state to 38 for ratification in the U.S. Constitution

clean up the Code of Virginia’s provisions for same-sex couples who use assisted conception.

provide temporary driving permits to all Virginians regardless of immigration status

require annual sign inspections for tall signs near interstates — no more Potomac Mills signs shutting down I-95 for three days

reform homeowners’ association rules — regulate home-based childcare, provides better annual transparency in association reserves and shortages

allow Virginia’s Department of Child Support Enforcement to start garnishing employees paid by 1099 working for entities like Uber or Air BnB

reform School Resource Officer (SRO) policy making clear that SROs are not involved in school discipline but only actual crime, and requires parental notification when criminal investigations commence

re-regulate consumer finance lending to protect against internet lenders using 400 percent interest, close other loopholes.

allow localities to provide mobile voting locations

streamline the commercial driver’s license process for veterans certified to drive heavy trucks during active duty

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