Monday, June 8, 2020

Richmond Reaction

From VCDL, Comparing how gun owners were treated on Lobby Day vs how others are treated now:
Governor Northam's and the other anti-gun Democrat's double-standards have been on clear display recently. One just has to compare and contrast how the state and the City of Richmond treated 50,000 peaceful gun-owners vs a much smaller and very violent crowd.


The streets of Richmond where cleaner after Lobby Day than they were before. Totally peaceful event with no damage to buildings or businesses and no one was attacked or killed. VCDL had been doing Lobby Day since 2002/2003 and there have been ZERO problems with any of the attendees committing violence or breaking laws.

On top of that, over 105,000 gun owners had shown up at over 100 local government meetings across the state to push for localities to become Second Amendment Sanctuaries. Not a single violent incident or crime was reported at any of those events. Just gun owners peacefully engaging their government.

Knowing all of that, the Governor and Democrat leadership in the General Assembly responded to Lobby Day 2020 by:
  • declaring a state of emergency
  • bringing in a large number of police, as if in preparation for a riot
  • banning guns from the Capitol grounds and in the General Assembly building, where citizens had been able to peacefully carry for as long as there has been a Virginia. Even law enforcement officers were not allowed to carry unless they were an official part of security for the event!
  • placing government snipers on surrounding roof tops
  • fencing off the Capitol grounds and installing metal detectors for those wishing to get near the stage area
  • requiring VCDL to have a permit for the event
  • expecting VCDL to provide port-a-potties, and doing so for an unknown-sized crowd
  • initially resisted allowing VCDL to have its own, more powerful, PA system so that a large crowd could hear what was being said. The locations where we were allowed to put the speakers was less than ideal
  • admonishing us in a press conference to keep our rally peaceful (as if that was ever a problem) and how it would let down the people of Virginia if we didn't
  • not allowing us to fly a drone in a fixed location just to get a good picture of the expected crowd
Democrat Delegate Lee Carter literally went into hiding on Lobby Day due to supposed fear for his safety, yet was out with rioting crowds on May 30 in Manassas and got pepper sprayed accordingly!

Carter also invoked some of his “privilege” at the Manassas event when he told police: “Now you've sprayed C.S. or O.C. on a member of the General Assembly…”


The streets of Richmond and other localities are definitely not cleaner after the protests and rioting. Rioting and protesting have gone on for days, so it is not like either came out of nowhere and was over in a flash.

In response, Governor Northam and Richmond Mayor Stoney did:
  • NOT declare a state of emergency
  • NOT place government snipers on surrounding roof tops
  • NOT fence off the Capitol grounds and install metal detectors for those wishing to enter that area
  • NOT require the rioters or protesters to have a permit
  • NOT require rioters or protesters to provide port-a-potties
  • NOT admonish protesters in a press conference to keep their protest peaceful and how it would let down the people of Virginia if they didn't

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