Thursday, August 27, 2020

Virginia Updates

Virginia has $1.1B in unused reserve funds. Some say the rainy day is here.

Sweeping police reform legislation advances in Virginia, with law enforcement groups now largely on board

Free speech is not free of consequence

More hurricanes are coming. Will we be ready?

Virginia Democrats fast-track absentee voting changes over Republican opposition

@dcexaminer: Virginia House prepares for first-ever virtual session[…]

@roanoketimes: The Virginia General Assembly is considering a few bills that would improve transparency around the parole board. A Senate panel has backed one proposal.[…]

@roanoketimes: The Virginia General Assembly is moving forward on a plan to spend $2 million on prepaid postage and establish ballot drop-off boxes for the November election.[…]

Northam administration flirts with potential statewide solid waste fee for landfills

Appreciation: John Henry Hager was ‘the hardest-working man in politics.’ He had to be.

House committee rejects legislation limiting the state’s ability to mandate a COVID-19 vaccine

House panel backs ban on tear gas, rubber bullets

@ABC7News: A committee in Virginia’s legislature has halted legislation that would create exceptions for people who don’t want to get a COVID-19 vaccine.[…]

@gmoomaw: As lawmakers discuss immunizations, worth nothing the state health commissioner recently got crosswise with Gov. Northam on whether the COVID-19 vaccine will be mandatory[…]

@8NEWS: Virginia state Sen. Bryce Reeves tests positive for COVID-19 amid special session[…]

@gmoomaw: Not to state the obvious, but this could reshape how the rest of the special session is conducted. Other senators may get tested and might be reluctant to return. House Dems insisted on going virtual from the start, to much mockery from House GOP[…]

@MelLeonor_: It's not clear if the COVID-19 case will affect the Senate's timeline. "If you have these symptoms or other COVID symptoms, please do NOT come to Richmond!," the Senate Clerk said in an email to lawmakers Tuesday.[…]

@MercuryVirginia: Legislation that could reshape how law enforcement responds when someone is experiencing a mental health crisis is advancing through the General Assembly.[…]

@phlu: Virginia House panel rejects proposal to allow religious exemptions to COVID-19 vaccine; state health director indicates openness to mandate.[…]

@WFXRnews: Virginia House panel rejects proposal to allow religious COVID-19 vaccine exemption[…]

@WNCN: The Virginia Senate passed a measure Wednesday that reduces the charge for assaulting law enforcement officers, downgrading it from a felony to a misdemeanor if the officer is not hurt during the incident.[…]

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